Croatian anticipation for Optima’s capitalisation, H1 covering nation

9 Dec 2010

Croatian alternative fixed line and broadband operator H1 Telekom has increased availability of its services through its proprietary network to 22 cities after completing the latest EUR4.7 million (USD6.2 million) investment cycle in expanding its fibre-optic and ADSL infrastructure. The project was carried out in partnership with Chinese technology provider ZTE. H1 Telekom, which offers unbundled local loop (ULL) access, plans to complete another investment cycle by the end of this year, which it says will make its ADSL internet service available ‘in all households in Croatia.’ According to Bloomberg, ZTE contributed investment of USD1.7 million in H1 Telekom’s latest infrastructure upgrade.

Meanwhile, rival Croatian ULL-based operator Optima Telekom is reported by local news sites to be planning a capital increase in 2011, and is looking for a new strategic investment partner to assist its growth. Optima also plans to become profitable within two years and targets a 15% increase in its revenues and customer base over the next five years, the daily Bankamagazine quoted the telco’s head, Matija Martic, as saying.

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