Dare to dream: 3G auction by February, reckons regulator

2 Dec 2010

Ukraine’s National Commission for Communications Regulation (NCCR) has announced that it intends to hold a 3G mobile licence auction by February 2011. Over the last three years, various plans for issuing UMTS licences to privately owned operators have been proposed and cancelled due to factors including political disagreements and failure to release 2100MHz frequencies from military control. While the mooted date of February is by no means definite, it should be noted that the government is determined to privatise national PTO and sole 2100MHz licensee Ukrtelecom in an auction beginning later this month, thus removing a potential motivating factor to delay the 3G sale further and protect the incumbent’s frequency monopoly (which inflates its privatisation value). The NCCR has proposed plans to issue three third-generation concessions.