Movicel to invest USD1 billion in GSM launch, modernisation

1 Dec 2010

Angolan CDMA2000 mobile network operator Movicel has announced that it will invest at least USD1 billion over the next four years in implementing several expansion and modernisation projects, including the launch of GSM technology, as well as training of its staff. Director general of Movicel, Bento Lourenco, told an audience at a ceremony on Monday to mark the launch of the GSM project, that the planned phase of expansion and modernisation will last five years. According to Lourenco, Movicel will continue to invest in maintaining its CDMA network, whilst launching modern systems and innovating products and services based on new technologies, as well as focusing on training specialised in-house technicians. The director declared that Movicel could bring forward to 2011 the completion of network projects originally scheduled for end-2012, whilst its introduction of GSM services would rebalance the state of competition in the country’s mobile market, which is currently led by GSM/W-CDMA network operator Unitel, part-owned by Portugal Telecom. At the top of Movicel’s priorities is the provision of complete national coverage, followed by the expansion of its service and product range to give users more choice, and the improvement of service quality. 80% of Movicel was privatised in July 2009, with the remainder retained by the state via Angola Telecom and the national postal operator.

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