Commission calls for better regulated broadband to protect end users

29 Nov 2010

Filipino newspaper Manila Standard Today reports that the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) is calling for tougher rules and regulations for broadband service in the country, in order to protect consumers from the effects of highly congested networks. The daily quotes CICT chairman Ivan Uy as saying that while it was ‘Enough for the investors of telecommunications technology to make money so they can expand some more and improve their services,’ at the same time they should balance this ‘with the concern and the interest of the public in terms of the level of service that we want for the money that we are paying for.’ The official went on to say that the CICT is urging the watchdog, the National Telecommunications Commission, to be ‘proactive’ in regulating telcos to ensure they improve their broadband services. ‘We have to step in because the public should be protected since they are paying under a claim on the speeds,’ Uy said.