Vodafone, Optimus consider sharing 4G infrastructure

22 Nov 2010

Optimus CEO Miguel Almeida, and his opposite number at Vodafone Portugal, Antonio Coimbra, have reportedly mooted the idea of sharing 4G infrastructure at the Congress of Communications in Portugal. Almeida suggested that the country’s telecoms regulator, Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacoes (ANACOM) could make the idea a reality, saying that the governing body ‘could even force the sharing of infrastructure […] due to the very climate of recession we are experiencing’, stressing that the government and the regulator should work together to cultivate an environment in which 4G investment is implemented ‘as quickly as possible’. Coimbra has already said that there should be ‘a shared investment to ensure sustainability’.

Portugal Telecom CEO Zeinal Bava meanwhile rejected the shared network proposal, commenting: ‘The network is ours, is not for sale, is not available to be shared by anyone’. Bava added: ‘If the conditions for LTE are not good I doubt that we could complete as quickly as we would like to’, referencing the ambiguity surrounding next year’s tender. According to local press reports, ANACOM will launch a tender for Long Term Evolution-suitable (LTE) spectrum in 1Q11, but has not yet defined how the spectrum will be divided or what kind of cost will be applied to the operators.

Portugal, Optimus (Movel), Vodafone Portugal