Telstra and Ericsson make Australia’s first inter-capital LTE connection

22 Nov 2010

Australian incumbent Telstra and Swedish vendor Ericsson have announced the successful test of a high quality video link between Sydney and Melbourne using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, ZDNet Australia reports. The test was carried out last week using Ericsson’s LTE technology over Telstra’s 3.5G network, which is known by the ‘Next G’ moniker, and throughput speeds of around 80Mbps were achieved during the trial. Commenting on the development, Mike Wright, Telstra’s executive director for networks and access technologies, noted: ‘This video call was a very important and unique milestone in our trial with Ericsson, which is testing how this new technology integrates with the core of the Next G network … We’ve been watching LTE developments for almost five years and we have a very clear roadmap for how we will use this technology. We don’t see LTE as a separate network but rather an integrated solution that [works] as transparently as possible with the Next G network, so testing the technology on our actual network was one of the key objectives of the trial with Ericsson.’

The technology trials are the third such examination of LTE by Telstra, which in July carried out tests of the 4G technology in partnership with both China’s Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) of Finland.

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