Mobile penetration rate topped 100% in October

22 Nov 2010

Data published by the Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel highlights that there are now more registered mobile phones in the country than there are people. Last month, Brazil’s registered mobile base topped 100.44 lines per 100 inhabitants, thanks to the net addition of almost three million new phones – bringing the country total to 194.439 million. Of the total registered mobile phones, 159.82 million (82.19%) are pre-paid and the remaining 34.63 million (17.81%) are post-paid contract customers.

Vivo Participacoes retained its leading position in the market as at 31 October, with a 30.03% share of subscriptions, compared with 30.14% in September. America Movil (Claro) was the second largest player with a 25.58% market share, up slightly from 25.47% in the previous month. Third place was taken by TIM Brasil with 24.67%, up from 24.52% previously, while fourth-placed Oi had 19.35% of the market, down from 19.51% in September.