Cosmo Bulgaria raises issues with EC

22 Nov 2010

Bulgarian mobile network operator Cosmo Bulgaria (GloBul) has informed European Commission officials of various ‘issues’ it faces in the Bulgarian telecoms sector, writes TelecomPaper. GloBul representatives and EC officials discussed various topics related to competition in the Bulgarian telecoms sector, the development of the broadband segment and the importance of implementing adequate regulatory measures regarding the liberalisation of the fixed and broadband markets. The EC representatives’ visit in Bulgaria is aimed at gathering information for the upcoming 16th Progress Report on the Single European Electronic Communications Market. During the meeting, GloBul complained about BTC’s monopoly in the fixed line and broadband sectors. It also mentioned the ongoing issues with fixed number portability. At the same time, it requested easier and less expensive access to the incumbent’s infrastructure and duct network.

Bulgaria, Telenor Bulgaria