Senate OKs frequency bill, clearing path for new regulator, 3G licensing

17 Nov 2010

Thailand’s Senate has passed the Frequency Allocation Bill, which allows the establishment of a new regulator, the National Broadcasting and Telecom Commission (NBTC), with the authority to issue 2100MHz mobile spectrum and break the legal impasse in the 3G licensing process. The Bangkok Post reports that the selection process for the eleven commissioners of the NBTC must be completed by the Senate within 180 days of the bill being published in the Royal Gazette. The members of NBTC will comprise two telecom specialists, two legal experts, two economists, and one member each from the commercial radio and television sectors, a ‘telecom-oriented consumer protection organisation’, a ‘broadcasting-oriented consumer protection organisation’, and an education, cultural or social affairs organisation. The NBTC’s first job will be to draft a master plan for the management of national radio frequencies.