Direct On PC selects pair of vendors for WiMAX network rollout

11 Nov 2010

Nigerian internet service provider (ISP) Direct On PC has awarded contracts to a pair of equipment and solutions suppliers for the deployment of its WiMAX network in the country’s main cities. Aviat Networks has been selected to deploy its StarMAX WiMAX system, including base stations in around 200 locations, wireless services gateway (WSG) and end-user devices. The equipment will initially be deployed in Lagos by the end of the year, although subsequent rollouts are planned in the capital Abuja and Port Harcourt in 2011. Aviat’s WiMAX system allows service providers to offer numerous configuration options and services, including pre-paid or post-paid accounts and secure VLAN services, for enterprise and small business customers using the same wireless network. This allows each network component to be fully utilised to maximise revenue while maintaining the flexibility to scale up capacity and coverage as necessary.

Meanwhile, another vendor, Ceragon Networks, has been selected by Direct On PC for the supply of wireless backhaul equipment to expand its WiMAX-based mobile broadband services network. The company said it opted to build its backhaul network with Ceragon’s high-capacity wireless solutions in order to provide its customers with mobile broadband services at affordable prices. With an expanded WiMAX network, Direct On PC can offer home users and businesses applications like entertainment, telephony, high-end video conferencing, live security streaming services and virtual private networks (VPNs). ‘Ceragon is helping us bring all the benefits of the digital age to Nigeria,’ said Mahesh Sadhwani, vice chairman at Direct On PC, adding: ‘Once our network is fully deployed, our customers will enjoy access to a variety of entertainment, as well as business related content with the highest quality of service. With Ceragon’s solutions we will be able to quickly and economically bring these value-added services to the market.’