Optus, AAPT slam NBN Co proposals

9 Nov 2010

Australian telcos have criticised proposals for the construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) put forward by the public-private company set up to oversee the infrastructure rollout, NBN Co. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, NBN Co put forward solutions with a view to achieving the state’s objective of ensuring the cost of fibre-based broadband service was the same for both urban and rural users. However, following NBN Co’s suggestion that just 14 network connections points – junctions where ISPs would connect to NBN Co’s network and take carriage of their own customers – be built, both AAPT and Optus condemned the plans. ‘AAPT is stunned by NBN Co’s proposal for its so-called ‘composite model’ … In AAPT’s view, NBN Co’s proposal … will result in significant stranding of the assets of many access seekers, which could conceivably lead to a series of compensation claims.’ For its part Optus has claimed that NBN Co’s plan is unnecessary because flat pricing could be achieved if the company charged retailers the same connection price at every location.

Australia, AAPT, NBN Co, Optus