Ofcom suggests universal mobile coverage could be considered

9 Nov 2010

The UK’s telecoms regulator Ofcom has suggested that the government consider mandating universal mobile phone coverage, ZDNet is reporting. With the regulator having produced updated research on those areas of the country that currently receive no or limited mobile coverage, Ofcom said that the study raised ‘important wider policy issues because of the reliance that our society now places on mobile phones,’ adding, ‘Here, we can also seek to contribute to and implement public policy on relevant issues that government may wish to consider … For example, government may wish to consider whether it is appropriate to ensure all people have access to mobile coverage to help them participate in society on digital inclusion grounds. We can help inform this consideration.’

As per Ofcom’s study, it reported that around 97% of the UK’s population and 91% of its geographical area are covered by 2G services, while third-generation signals are obtainable by approximately 87% of the population across 76% of the country’s land mass. Further, the research indicated that some 5% of Britons could only access a single operator’s network.

United Kingdom, Ofcom