Bottom line triples at Netia in Q3

5 Nov 2010

Polish alternative telco Netia’s third-quarter net profit jumped threefold to PLN12.4 million, from USD4.49 million in Q3 2009, on the back of strong broadband customer additions. At the end of September, Netia’s broadband customer base reached 653,901, up 33% on a year earlier, giving it an estimated market share of around 11.1%. Within its broadband total, Netia says that 213,238 customers are using its own xDSL and fast Ethernet network, 19,079 are on its WiMAX platform, 98,555 are using unbundled loops, 322,871 bitstream access and 158 ‘other’. Netia is still aiming for 700,000 broadband customers by the end of 2010, rising to a million by 2012. Revenue for the three month period was PLN394.5 million, compared to PLN370.28 million in Q3 2009, while EBITDA climbed 8.3% to PLN89.79 million.

Poland, Netia