Mediamir plans to launch VoIP alternative using SkyLink number capacity

29 Oct 2010

Mediamir, part of Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s RBK Holding group, is developing a new, improved VoIP service known as QIP, reports Kommersant. Although incoming VoIP calls are permitted in many countries, this is not the case in Russia, leading Mediamir to work towards an alternative service. The latest version of QIP, as implemented by Russian service provider Mango Telecom, was unveiled in September 2010. Thus far, like Skype, it only permits one-way voice traffic, but a source close to Prokhorov has told the press that new technology is currently being tested for incoming calls. The unnamed source claimed that the company needs to secure number capacity before taking its trials to the next stage, and negotiations are currently underway to use spare 901 numbers belonging to cellco SkyLink. Although Mediamir declined to comment on the reports, SkyLink spokeswoman Olga Pestereva confirmed that RBK Holdings had indeed approached them, admitting that the project is in the early stages of negotiation. She explained: ‘Given the right profit margin, we are prepared to discuss any MVNO project’. Further, Yury Zigulya, the man in charge of the ongoing Mango Telecom project has suggested that a full-blown Mediamir VoIP project may well be operational before the end of the year.

Russia, SkyLink