UKE: we may still cleave TP in two

22 Oct 2010

Poland’s incumbent telecoms operator TP may still be split up into separate wholesale and retail units if it fails to meet criteria laid out in a deal made last year, according to telecoms regulator UKE. Head of the watchdog Anna Strezynska told Gazeta Wyborcza that the company was achieving a ‘3+’ grade (where ‘5’ is the top mark in the Polish education system) at the moment. Weighing on UKE’s assessment of the firm, however, is its failure to improve services for alternative competitors which use its infrastructure. She said that of particular concern was the fact that TP’s service department had not provided alternative operators with information about potential customers, although she added that the firm’s infrastructure investments were coming along adequately.

Last October, Ms Strezynska and Maciej Witucki, president of TP, signed an agreement designed to improve competition in the telecoms market and staving off the threat of the company being split. Under the deal, TP committed itself to investing in telecoms infrastructure, specifically to allow 1.2 million broadband lines to be used by third parties on a non-discriminatory basis to alternative providers. According to the agreement, TP must file a report at the end of every quarter, detailing the progress it has made.

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