Government approves TWD6.6 billion WiMAX development plan

18 Oct 2010

The Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs has approved a WiMAX development plan that will see the government invest an estimated TWD6.6 billion (USD215 million) in developing the country’s WiMAX infrastructure over the next three years. Ambitious Ministry of Economic Affairs officials have declared that they hope the ‘annual production value of WiMAX products in 2013 will reach TWD130 billion’. WiMAX network operators’ service revenues reportedly reached TWD9 billion in 2009, with a figure of TWD15 billion forecast for 2010. The plan is expected to encourage approximately TWD50 billion worth of private sector investment, and attract roughly 2.2 million new users, creating an estimated 20,000 jobs in the process. The DigiTimes reports that government agencies will begin to adopt WiMAX technology for various applications, including disaster relief, transportation regulation and police patrols, as well as utilising it for educational and medical purposes in remote areas. The government hope that the plan will help Taiwan to become the biggest supplier of WiMAX products in the world, accounting for 90% of all worldwide WiMAX exports.