WiMAX broadband for Nauru

15 Oct 2010

Following its introduction of the first GSM mobile phone services to the Republic of Nauru in September 2009, pan-Pacific mobile operator Digicel has announced the launch of WiMAX operations on the island. The ‘DigiNet’ broadband network will offer 98% coverage of the world’s smallest island nation, covering a mere 21 square kilometres, and with a population of just over 10,000. Vanessa Slowey, Digicel Pacific CEO, said: ‘With DigiNet broadband, we are making wireless broadband internet an easy-to-access, affordable reality and empowering Nauruan people to get the best out of the internet whenever and however they want it.’ The Nauruan government has partnered with Digicel on the project, which it said was central to its National Sustainable Development Strategy. Government departments will be among the first to adopt the system with plans in place for schools, hospitals and other government offices to connect to the network shortly. Nauru’s president, Marcus Stephen, said: ‘The launch of Digicel’s broadband service is a very significant milestone for Nauru and our people … Having world class internet access and connectivity will help Nauru continue to develop within the Pacific region and the wider world.’