ComReg announces latest cut in MTRs

11 Oct 2010

Ireland’s national telecoms regulator the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) says the Republic’s mobile network operators will be required to further cut their mobile termination rates (MTRs) over the next two years, and up until 31 December 2012. The watchdog’s latest cut in the country’s maximum MTR rates form part of plans to bring them into line with average rates across Europe. It is understood the details of the new MTRs, which will be effective by 31 December 2010, will be published by all the relevant operators in national PTO Eircom’s ‘switched transit routing and price list’ in the near future. Going forward, the regulator will call for further adjustments to be published every six months – in line with the trajectory paths of other European markets. In a separate but related announcement, the Irish regulator has unveiled plans for a review of the market for voice call termination rates on mobile networks.