TalkTalk set to launch fibre-optic broadband via BT’s new network

7 Oct 2010

The Financial Times writes that the UK’s second largest broadband ISP by users, TalkTalk, is set to become the first major wholesale customer on BT’s ‘super-fast’ fibre broadband network, after the alternative telco’s chairman, Charles Dunstone, said his company was ‘ready’ to start using BT’s new high speed wholesale products, and was already ‘working on a commercial launch.’ The news comes as a boost to BT following speculation that it could struggle to secure a return on its GBP2.5 billion (USD4 billion) optical network without wholesale customers. Mr Dunstone had previously complained about the format of BT’s wholesale products for 40Mbps broadband used in trials, and the incumbent PSTN operator has subsequently made alterations to its offers. BT’s fibre network is expected to pass four million homes by the end of the year, with a target of reaching 17 million households by 2015.