Loxley in joint venture to expand 3G MVNO service

4 Oct 2010

Loxley, one of the five mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) providing 3G services over state-owned TOT’s HSPA network in Bangkok, has revealed a plan to become a ‘full MVNO’ with an expanded range of operations via a proposed deal with Mobile Partners Group which would see the UK-based firm take up to a 30% stake in a new Thai-UK joint venture. The Bangkok Post reports that the move was prompted by TOT receiving state approval for a plan to expand its 3G network nationwide. Loxley says it will offer fully integrated services from marketing, management, billing and after-sales services to customer relationship management, adding that ‘a preliminary conclusion of the partnership deal has already been settled … A contract will be signed once TOT grants us a [new] MVNO contract.’ The Post explains that the five MVNOs do not have ‘formal contracts’ with TOT at present. In the proposed scheme, Mobile Partners Group would take responsibility for virtual backup office management systems including billing, call centres, front office, customer services and customer relationship management, and would also serve as an application service provider. Loxley, meanwhile, will handle marketing and management. Mobile Partners is currently providing MVNO services in the UK, the United States, Denmark, Switzerland and Brazil, according to the newspaper. Loxley also revealed it had approximately 10,000 customers, ‘the break-even point’ (although way below its allowed capacity of 100,000), and expects to have a total of 15,000 customers next year, targeting tourists and heavy data users in the transport sector, insurance, couriers and mobile closed-circuit television users. It expects to earn THB100 million (USD3.25 million) in revenue from the MVNO business this year, increasing to THB150 million in 2011.

Thailand, TOT