Six ISPs offer iSky un-metered broadband access

30 Sep 2010

Six New Zealand-based internet service providers (ISPs) have partnership agreements in place with pay-TV operator Sky Television, to offer the latter’s upcoming internet TV service ‘iSky’ on an un-metered basis, Sky has announced. The six partners which have agreed to create un-metered broadband plans have been named as: Vodafone, Orcon, Slingshot, Woosh, Xnet and Farmside. The agreements mean that any customers watching the service through one of these providers will not use their monthly data allowance. Incumbent TelstraClear is notable by its absence from the line up. Earlier this month, consumer markets head, Steve Jackson, said that there would be ‘no free lunch’ for Sky, whilst indicating that TelstraClear has not ruled out providing un-metered access at a later date, should customer demand prove sufficient. Telecom New Zealand, which already has a relationship with free-to-air platform provider TiVo, is also absent from Sky’s list. iSky is due to be unveiled in November and will launch before the end of the year.

New Zealand, Vodafone New Zealand, Woosh Wireless