Movistar Espana to launch Dual Cell HSPA modem next month

27 Sep 2010

Spanish giant Telefonica has announced that its local subsidiary Movistar Espana will be the first operator to commercially launch a Dual Cell HSPA modem, allowing download speeds of up to 42Mbps. Starting in October the company will make the new kit, which is made by Novatel, available to corporate and business users, while residential customers will gain access to the technology by the end of 2010. Telefonica has also revealed that it is aiming to introduce new handsets and devices that will support upload speeds of 11.4Mbps; current devices, including the soon-to-launch Novatel modem, support maximum uplink rates of 5.7Mbps.

Further, the operator has reiterated that it aims to see its HSPA+ network, which it started rolling out last year, cover all cities with more than 250,000 inhabitants as well as tourist areas and business parks by the end of the year.

In tandem with the introduction of the new modems, Telefonica has also said that it is inaugurating a range of new tariffs offering flat rates for its heavy data users. Its ‘Internet Plus Flat Rate’ and ‘Maxi Flat Rate’ tariffs will both be marketed with the Novatel MC545 modem.