Vodafone NZ halves trans-Tasman data roaming charges, introduces new data usage alerts

24 Sep 2010

Vodafone New Zealand has confirmed that the price of data roaming in Australia has dropped from NZD10 (USD7.3) per Mb to NZD5 on a permanent basis. The company has pointed out that the new rate is the lowest price offered to customers for casual data roaming on either side of the Tasman. Telecom New Zealand customers pay NZD8 per Mb in Australia, whilst 2Degrees customers pay NZD30.

Vodafone’s Business Marketing general manager, Becky Lloyd, explained that the move is part of Vodafone’s ongoing commitment to wiping out ‘bill shock’ for customers: ‘Vodafone offers New Zealand’s best line-up of smartphones and we want our customers to be able to use the incredible power of these devices wherever they are in the world. We have trialled a reduced rate for data roaming to Australia and the response has been fantastic so we have lowered the price permanently. Customers are using more data than ever before and they need to know what they’re using and how much they’re spending so we’ve introduced real time usage alerts to help customers monitor their own usage’. Vodafone will now send customers notifications when they reach 2Mb, 5Mb and 10Mb of usage as a means of helping them control their costs.

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