Time running out for providers to terminate unregistered phones

22 Sep 2010

Fiji Village reports that local telecoms service providers have just two weeks to terminate the services of anyone who has failed to register their phone under the country’s telephone services decree, or face the consequences. Under the edict fixed line and mobile providers were given until midnight 22 September 2010 to register their customers or have no other choice but to switch off their service in two week’s time. The paper writes that local providers Vodafone Fiji, Digicel Fiji, Inkk and Telecom Fiji have all confirmed that they will not able to register all their customers in time, and are now considering their options to avoid the possibility of customers being disconnected. The telephone services decree was brought in to curb a rising tide of prank calls to emergency numbers and to create a more secure environment for the use of telephones. Anyone breaching the new rules could face a hefty fine or even imprisonment, while companies failing to terminate services in time could be fined up to FJD200,000.