Number portability causes ructions

22 Sep 2010

Novinite reports that Bulgaria’s three mobile telephone operators – M-Tel, Globul, and Vivacom – are blaming each other over who is to blame for delays in the implementation of mobile number portability (MNP). In a statement Bulgaria’s largest mobile operator M-Tel accused Globul of double standards with respect to the MNP procedures, allegedly seeking to hinder the service for those clients seeking to leave it for another operator. ‘After the start of the one-stop-shop number portability procedure, only about 10% of the clients wishing to go from Globul to M-Tel have been transferred. Globul is the operator which refuses to its clients the right to transfer their numbers to another company using arguments such as the fact that the consumer had changed their ID, and the number of their new ID card did not correspond to the number that Globul has,’ the M-Tel statement reads.

The one-stop-shop MNP procedure was formally introduced on 6 August this year, replacing a previous procedure which was considered too cumbersome. The new procedure requires the mobile user to apply for number portability with the receiving operator only, which is then responsible for the entire transaction. The head of the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC), Veselin Bozhkov, has said that any problems with the MNP procedure must be fixed by 1 October; it has threatened to impose fines of up to BGN100,000 (USD51,117) on companies which violate the legislation.