Telkom announces expansion plans; licences secured for nine new countries

21 Sep 2010

Telkom South Africa has secured operating licences in east, south and west Africa, the company revealed yesterday, in an interview with IT News Africa. Telkom spokesman Pynee Chetty announced that the telco has secured operating licences in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Swaziland and Namibia.

Chetty told IT News Africa: ‘Telkom’s ambition is to become a significant Information Communication Technology (ICT) player in Sub-Saharan Africa, focussing on the enterprise market. Apart from the satellite-based (SAT3) cable system, Telkom has invested in the new WACS, EASSy and SAFE submarine cable systems to further strengthen its position with regards to connectivity on the African continent. The company continues to investigate opportunities in Africa and endeavours to expand into countries where customer demand warrants such actions. As far as the specific products and services are concerned, it is logical to utilise existing skills and capabilities acquired in the domestic market as far as possible when entering new markets.’

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