ANCOM fines RCS&RDS for introducing 'maintenance fee'

17 Sep 2010

Romanian regulator ANCOM has fined telco RCS&RDS RON300,000 (USD93,000) for not having substantially notified its subscribers on the introduction of a RON5 maintenance fee for fixed telephony service. If by 29 October 2010 RCS&RDS does not notify its customers on the introduction of this fee (with the express mention within the notification that the user has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract within 30 days from receiving the notification, without needing to pay any compensation), and if it does not amend its framework-contract by 19 September 2010, the provider shall be liable for a fine for each day of delay. ANCOM said that the measures are a result of numerous complaints received from end-users since new tariff conditions were introduced in June 2010.

Romania, RCS&RDS (DIGI)