Intellecom and Samsung expand mobile WiMAX

16 Sep 2010

Intellecom, a mobile WiMAX operator in Ukraine, and South Korea-based technology provider Samsung, announced today that they have entered into a contract for Samsung to supply mobile WiMAX solutions for the expansion of Intellecom’s 4G mobile internet service nationwide, reports the Korea IT Times. Adding to its existing commercial mobile WiMAX networks in Kyiv and Kharkiv, Intellecom plans to expand coverage to the four largest cities in Ukraine by June 2011 before gradually reaching a nationwide footprint by 2013. Kyiv and Kharkiv will also receive upgrades with Samsung’s mobile WiMAX solutions, including its U-RAS Smart CP base station, which the vendor claims supports a smooth migration to WiMAX 2, the next generation of mobile WiMAX, or TD-LTE. Additionally, Abdulmajeed El Shawa, executive vice chairman of VTEL Holdings Ltd, a major shareholder in Intellecom and a Dubai-based telecommunications company, said that VTEL will cooperate with Samsung to further expand mobile WiMAX in Europe, the CIS and Africa.

Ukraine, Intellecom (Giraffe), Samsung