Vodafone, Wind Hellas facing auction to renew GSM licences in 2012?

15 Sep 2010

The president of the Greek telecoms regulator, the EETT, Leonidas Kanellos, gave a press conference yesterday focusing on the actions taken by the watchdog to ensure fair competition in the market and protect consumers. Amongst the content of its presentation, the agency indicated that the GSM licences of mobile operators Vodafone Greece and Wind Hellas may be subject to an open auction process instead of automatic reissue to the existing licensees when they come up for renewal in 2012, according to a report published by Suite101.com. The EETT emphasised that the licensing process will not be subject to the preferential treatment of any particular operator. The report noted that income generated from a competitive auction process would make a welcome contribution to government coffers in the economically troubled country. Referring to the future goals of the regulator, Dr. Kanellos stressed: ‘In the field of electronic communications, our goal is to ensure conditions that would allow fair competition between providers of services and, at the same time, the gradual deregulation of markets with sufficient level of competition.’

Greece, Vodafone Greece, Wind Hellas