Telstra and Indigo Telecom sign GSM roaming deal

14 Sep 2010

Australian satellite telephone and data provider Indigo Telecom has inked a three-year agreement with incumbent Telstra under which the former will be able to offer mobile services nationwide, Australian IT reports. The wholesale deal between the two companies will grant Indigo access to Telstra’s GSM network, allowing its customers to roam using the infrastructure and to drop back on to Indigo’s satellite service when outside of GSM coverage. David Ruddiman, Indigo’s managing director, said of the deal: ‘This will allow us to offer our own products and services off the Telstra network and it will give us depth and breadth of coverage both locally and internationally … It will allow our customers in regional and rural Australia to have a single handset and SIM card that can access both Telstra’s GSM network and our satellite network.’

Further, Mr Ruddiman claimed that the deal would enable Indigo to offer mobile IP services to government defence and enterprise customers from within and outside Australia. While the company’s satellite download speeds currently top out at around 384kbps, the executive has claimed that as a result of unused capacity on satellites above the country rates could soon be increased. Indigo has identified an addressable market of around one million rural and regional Australians that could benefit from such services, and has set itself a target of signing up approximately 120,000 of those in the next three years.

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