Nepal’s internet user base climbs 160% in a year

14 Sep 2010

The total number of internet users in the mountain nation of Nepal has grown by a significant 160% within a year, according to the latest report released by the regulator, the Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA). A sizeable portion of the growth is attributed to the number of people accessing the internet through GPRS-enabled mobile phones, it said, which has helped internet penetration to increase to 4.85%. At the end of FY2009/10 (ended 14 July 2010), the number of internet users registered in the country rose to 1,359,805, from 515,592 the previous year. Of these, GPRS internet users accounted for 1.153 million, up a massive 800,000 in twelve months. Meanwhile, the number of ADSL subscribers to national PTO Nepal Telecom increased to 45,435 from 15,661 previously. However, the NTA also reported that the number of subscribers of dial-up, wireless modem, cable modem, optical fibre, earth net and cable net subscribers fell over the same period, standing at 73,186, compared to 113,406 a year earlier.