Clearwire’s mobile WiMAX available in parts of NYC, LA

14 Sep 2010

Clearwire is offering its ‘Clear’ mobile WiMAX services in New York City for USD35 per month for users signing up by end-September, with the offer lasting for two months before a regular rate of USD55 per month kicks in. 4G coverage is understood to be available in certain parts of the city but the company is yet to reveal a date for comprehensive coverage – promised before the end of this year. Clearwire announced it had begun ‘operational readiness activities’ in New York as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Limited 4G services will also be available in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Nashville, Denver, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh as final network rollouts in those markets are completed. The Clear 4G mobile broadband network currently covers 52 cities.

United States, Clearwire