Internode expands WiMAX coverage to South Australia

13 Sep 2010

Alternative Australian broadband provider Internode has revealed that it has rolled out WiMAX infrastructure to regional areas of South Australia, reports. The new network covers the Riverland and Murrylands regions in the south of the country, while the internet service provider (ISP) acknowledged that the deployment has been heavily reliant on the Federal Government’s Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG) programme. Jim Kellett, Internode’s product manager, claimed that without the funding its WiMAX rollout would have been much smaller, if it had taken place at all, saying of the programme: ‘It’s essential in order to fund the large capital expenditure associated with these networks.’ Internode has already rolled out WiMAX networks on the Yorke Peninsula, west of Adelaide in late 2007, and the Coorong region east of Adelaide, covering Murray Bridge, Tailem Bend, Meningie, Coonalpyn and Tintinara, but the operator has been coy on revealing any plans for future WiMAX deployments.

Internode has also announced that its new regional network would extend the deployment of a fibre-optics in Berri, with the installation of 28 kilometres of fibre-optic cable in Berri, Murray Bridge and Port Pirie designed to deliver commercial broadband services for South Australian Government agencies in those towns.

Australia, Internode