MWeb expanding last-mile broadband access in Cape Town, Johannesburg

10 Sep 2010

South African ISP MWeb has announced plans to expand its broadband capacity by adding extra last-mile access on Telkom’s network. After introducing its uncapped ADSL offering earlier in the year, MWeb was forced to move a portion of its customers onto Telkom’s SAIX wholesale network in order to keep up with customer demand. However, during the World Cup Telkom was forced to freeze expansion to its network, meaning MWeb had to make other arrangements. Since then, MWeb has been working towards building out its own network, and the first-ever Cape Town Internet Protocol Connect (IPC) will soon be available for MWeb to use. MWeb will reportedly bring more IPC products on-stream in Johannesburg towards the end of November, making it the first ISP in South Africa to have significant IPC capacity in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. With the additional capacity, MWeb says it can now begin migrating users off SAIX and back onto its own network. MWeb CEO Rudi Jansen has suggested that IPC is about a third cheaper than leasing from SAIX wholesale.

South Africa, MWEB (South Africa)