Orange and T-Mobile to allow roaming on each other’s network at no extra cost

7 Sep 2010

UK mobile operators Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, which officially came under the control of new joint venture Everything Everywhere (EE) in July 2010, are to allow their respective customers to roam without additional charges on the other’s networks. EE has announced that, as what it called the ‘first consumer benefit’ of the merger between the two cellcos, from 5 October 2010 all Orange and T-Mobile subscribers will be able to make calls and send SMS messages over either network at no additional cost to their standard tariffs; customers will be required to register specifically for access to both networks. EE has said that with access to dual networks, should a signal be lost on the subscriber’s current operator infrastructure it will automatically pick up the signal from the other network. Further, EE has also revealed that next year it expects to introduce a feature that will allow customers to automatically switch network dependent on which has the strongest signal mid-call. Commenting on the development, Tom Alexander CEO of the JV parent company EE, said: ‘This is the beginning of an ambitious plan to give our customers instant access to whatever they want, wherever they are – instant access to everything everywhere … Until now, the industry has been working in a single network environment. We have a vision of a ‘multinet’ world where the consumer will be able to access what they want, when they want, at the touch of a button. It will all be possible due to a complex system of interweaving multiple networks, bringing mobile, Wi-Fi and fixed technologies together to act as a super network’.

United Kingdom, EE, T-Mobile UK