Cellcos issued with fines for delaying MNP

7 Sep 2010

Today (7 September 2010), Thailand’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) announced that it will start imposing daily fines on each of the five mobile operators which it had ordered to launch mobile number portability (MNP) by a deadline of 31 August. The penalties will begin from Friday, starting at THB166,667 (USD5,374) per day for a month, rising to THB333,334 per day in a second month and a daily THB500,001 if MNP is still not launched by a third month, according to the Bangkok Post. The cellcos – AIS, DTAC, True Move, CAT and TOT – which have repeatedly asked for an extension to launch MNP by December, have said they will take the matter to court if the NTC issues them with fines.