1+1 = 3 for 3 over 4 years

24 Aug 2010

The Sunday Business Post reports that Irish mobile network operator 3 Ireland has revealed to the national regulator, ComReg, the ‘embarrassing revelation’ that it has been overstating its subscriber numbers for four years. 3 Ireland has apparently been guilty of mixing up its data, potentially leaving the watchdog with the headache of having to revise and restate up to four years’ worth of official data on the national mobile market. It may also need to submit an application with the European Union to revise its Europe-wide statistics. A spokesman for ComReg said 3 Ireland had declined to provide information on the exact amount of the overstatement, but that it had been told that ‘data 3 Ireland has provided to ComReg for the number of active pre-pay users has been incorrectly stated since 2006.’ It is understood 3 has been supplying total ‘registered’ pay-as-you-go users, rather than ‘active’ accounts, as is required.