Flint poised to introduce new MVNO

20 Aug 2010

Flint Telecom Group has revealed plans to enter the US pre-paid wireless market as a nationwide Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Using the ‘Flint Mobile’ brand name, the company will offer tariff plans based on both GSM and CDMA technologies. Flint CEO Vincent Browne commented: ‘We are very excited with this latest development set to enhance our existing product line in the markets we address in the Unites States. When starting out, MVNO companies usually face expensive and time consuming brand building and customer acquisition costs. Our substantial local market knowledge and existing distribution channels will allow us to get better and faster results at significantly less costs, giving us greater profit margins. In addition, based on market research conducted through our existing channels, we believe our target of over 50,000 handset sales by the end of our current fiscal year in June 2011 is fully obtainable. We look forward to our formal launch later in the year.’

United States