Telkom and Indosat to offer satellite service

19 Aug 2010

The Jakarta Post reports that Indonesian telecoms heavyweights PT Telkom and PT Indosat have agreed a joint deal to provide satellite-based services for their respective customer bases in the country. In a deal signed yesterday, the pair have committed to launching a new satellite to replace Indosat’s Palapa C-2 orbiter that is due to end its active life in 2014. Telkom president Rinaldi Firmansyah is quoted as saying that Telkom and Indosat will spend up to USD200 million to purchase the new satellite, which will also be capable of delivering next generation high definition television (HDTV) and other bandwidth hungry telecoms services. Currently Telkom operates two satellites – Telkom-1 and Telkom-2 – while Indosat has its Palapa-D and Palapa C orbiters in service. Telkom is scheduled to launch a new Telkom-3 satellite in 2001, while the Palapa C-2 and Telkom-1 are expected to stop orbiting in 2014.