Eircom to launch new mobile service over Meteor network

16 Aug 2010

Ireland’s Sunday Business Post reports that Irish former monopoly Eircom plans to launch a new ‘Eircom mobile’ branded service later this year over the network of its subsidiary Meteor. It is understood Eircom’s new service is aimed full-square at the same market segment already being targeted by Meteor and unclear what the announcement means for the latter’s long term future. Eircom, which has told contractors and developers of its launch plans, began operating a corporate mobile phone service last year, again using the Eircom Mobile moniker. Now, the telco is upping the ante by offering its own-brand product to the mainstream consumer market. ‘We’ve been fairly clear that we intend to do this at some time,’ said Paul Bradley, a spokesman for Eircom. ‘We just haven’t said when we will do it,’ he added.

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