Antel presents NGN quad-play services

16 Aug 2010

Uruguay’s state-owned telco Antel has presented a suite of new ‘quad-play’ services offered over next generation network (NGN) infrastructure which incorporate fixed, mobile, internet/data and video/multimedia applications. At a presentation held at the company’s headquarters, Antel said the new NGN platform offered opportunities for the development of Uruguayan industry through value-added applications tailored to local needs, whilst the deployment of the new network also formed part of its strategy to deliver new services to households and small enterprises. Video calls were demonstrated between two landlines and from a fixed to a mobile handset. Additional services showcased included ‘virtual fax’, which allows users to receive faxes anywhere in the world without the need for a fax machine, and a converged application to access and manage voicemail received on mobile and fixed networks via the web. The country’s president Jose Mujica made the first official public video call over the NGN, which was broadcast in high definition to Anatel’s audience.

Uruguay, Antel