Wholesale telecoms infrastructure provider to boost competitive service environment?

13 Aug 2010

Chile’s transport and telecommunications minister, Felipe Morande, has revealed that the government is considering a convergence and reconstruction telecoms bill that will allow for the creation of a wholesale telecoms infrastructure provider, reports BNAmericas. At present, all the country’s network operators are linked to telecoms service concession licences, but should the new bill be approved, it would permit the development of an infrastructure operator that could rent out infrastructure to third parties, leaving them free to focus on service provision. It is hoped the new legislation will boost competition in mobile and pay-TV markets. Morande told BNAmericas: ‘We want to separate the two [infrastructure and service provision] to encourage the construction of not only antennas but other types of infrastructure so companies that enter the market have the necessary resources to provide their service and so that competition develops not based on the level of technology of the infrastructure but on who offers the best service.’