LIME to spend USD600 million over next five years

13 Aug 2010

The Caribbean unit of Cable & Wireless Communications, LIME, has announced plans to invest USD600 million in its business over the next five years. The company says the spending will underwrite the delivery of new services and network upgrades. ‘Over the next five years we intend to invest more than USD600 million in our 13 business units across the region to improve the services that we offer and to roll out the kind of new technologies and innovative services that will help us to retain our present customers and attract new ones,’ said LIME’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Dehring. Specific initiatives include the launching of a pay-TV service in Jamaica and Barbados by the end of 2010, and upgrading internet access speeds to 8Mbps or higher.

Jamaica will be cemented as hub of LIME’s regional operations, and 25% of the investment capital will be directed into the island, which is LIME’s most lucrative market. Jamaica will become the centre of the pan-Caribbean operation and home to LIME’s Shared Service Centre. The centre will handle finance, procurement and human-resource operations for all 13 markets, and once built out, will employ about 70-80 persons. LIME Jamaica last year began building out a new 3G network, and is looking to new market segments to grow the company.