ChinaTel, ZTE sign MoU

13 Aug 2010

Chinese-US joint venture ChinaTel, which has WiMAX investments in China and Latin America, has issued a press release announcing the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Chinese telecoms equipment vendor ZTE. The strategic partnership is designed to advance both parties’ interests in delivering telecoms solutions to individual, enterprise and government consumers worldwide. Under the terms of the MoU, ZTE will be the preferred and primary provider of customised equipment, software, consumer products, operational services and financing for WiMAX networks ChinaTel is deploying in China, Peru, and other markets it may enter in the future. In return, ZTE will treat ChinaTel as its preferred customer in the supply of equipment, consumer products, operational services, solutions and financing.

Lirong Shi, CEO of ZTE said: ‘In addition to a vendor and financing relationship, we are excited to work with ChinaTel to develop innovative new products and solutions to meet the expectations of commercial, government and residential subscribers to realise the full potential of wireless multimedia technologies.’ The two parties will share equal ownership of intellectual property involved in equipment, software, consumer products, services or solutions developed through their joint efforts.

TeleGeography’s 4G research service writes that ChinaTel is currently deploying a 3.5GHz WiMAX network in 29 cities across China and a 2.5GHz WiMAX network in cities across Peru.