Cablevision barred from offering internet services

12 Aug 2010

According to local newspaper La Nacion, the government of Argentina has barred Cablevision from providing internet access using licences belonging to Fibertel, an ISP which merged with Cablevision in 2002. The ruling says that Fibertel’s status as a legal entity – and the concessions it held – expired when it consolidated with Cablevision. The government’s decision comes in the wake of Cablevision’s merger with Multichannel, announced in 2006 and completed in 2007, which also brought together Fibertel’s operations, Teledigital – a cable operator, and Prima – an internet access company. Despite being approved at the time by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and National Defence Commission of Competition (CNDC), the government now appears to have decided to move against the integration of the various operators.

Cablevision has hit out against the move, saying: ‘This is clearly abusive and framed in the plan of administrative obstacles and harassment by the government against Cablevision. The resolution violates the rights of Fibertel. The absorption of this company took place in 2002, long before the merger with Multichannel, and was approved by the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ), which is the body responsible for such operations.‘

Argentina, Cablevision (FiberTel)