BIPT rules on wholesale pricing of Belgacom’s VDSL2 services

11 Aug 2010

The Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT) has announced that it has approved the pricing of fixed line incumbent Belgacom’s wholesale VDSL2 services. According to the regulatory decision, bitstream VDSL2 access will cost alternative operators EUR13.85 (USD18.21) per month; the BIPT said that the charge represented a cost-based tariff which includes a margin to encourage Belgacom to invest in next generation networks. Bitstream ADSL/ADSL2+ access meanwhile will now cost EUR12.51 per month, down from the previous EUR14.32 charge.

In addition to the VDSL2 tariff decisions, the BIPT also revealed that it had reviewed Belgacom’s pricing for local loop unbundled (LLU) services, reducing the monthly charge for such services from EUR9.29 per month to EUR7.57.

Commenting on the pricing updates, Luc Hindryckx, chairman of the BIPT, noted: ‘The completion of the regulation of the VDSL2 offer gives new hope for more competition in the Belgian broadband market. Lower prices … will be for the benefit of the end-user.’