Agentschap gives T-Mobile NL thumbs up on UMTS licence terms

11 Aug 2010

DMEurope via Comtex reports that Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile NL unit has now complied with the necessary terms and conditions of the former Orange NL UMTS licence, after measures were put in place to use the frequencies as per the Dutch spectrum regulator, Agentschap Telecom’s, specification. T-Mobile was fined EUR5 million (USD6.6 million) in June 2010 for its failure to meet coverage requirements, but says it has now invested heavily in capacity expansion to fulfil the terms and conditions of the UMTS licence awards. The cellco adds that it will continue to conform to the Dutch radiocommunications agency’s stipulation that it deploy separate data services for its T-Mobile and former Orange networks. TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database writes that in October 2007 T-Mobile acquired Orange NL for EUR1.22 billion, giving it two UMTS licences and elevating T-Mobile into second place by subscribers (at the time). T-Mobile had to make sure both licences separately met requirements, but fell foul of Agentschap Telecom in January 2009, which informed it of its failure to comply with Orange’s UMTS licence obligations. Although T-Mobile contested this view, in November 2009 the spectrum regulator issued a so-called ‘order enforced by penalties’ requiring T-Mobile to start using the UMTS frequencies or face a penalty of EUR5 million per quarter to a maximum of EUR40 million – and ultimately the withdrawal of the licence altogether.

Netherlands, T-Mobile Netherlands