DoCoMo unveils new LTE brand ‘Xi’

4 Aug 2010

With the commercial launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE) services slated to begin in December this year, Japan’s NTT DoCoMo has announced the new brand name of its 4G next generation network. The cellco will offer LTE under the brand name ‘Xi’ (read as ‘crossy’). The cellco says the ‘X’ denotes connection and infinite possibility, while the ‘i’ stands for the individual and for innovation. DoCoMo also unveiled its new logo for Xi which in some respects resembles the infinity symbol. At launch, the cellco says its new network will deliver downlink connectivity of up to 75Mbps – roughly ten times faster than current transmission speeds. The trial network launched in June this year with DoCoMo saying Xi handsets, billing plans and other details will be announced in the near future.