Kordia suspends nationwide Wi-Fi plans

3 Aug 2010

State-owned telco Kordia has abandoned its plans to provide targeted Wi-Fi coverage in every city in New Zealand by the end of this year, it has been reported. Kordia CEO Geoff Hunt admitted that when it began building the network two years ago the ‘model’ was fuelled by strong demand for Wi-Fi access from those with laptops, but this is no longer the case. ‘It has performed OK as a business venture but not spectacularly. The model is potentially changing, but we haven’t got any specific plans at this stage to extend the coverage that we’ve already got in place.’ The Kordia network currently provides coverage of Auckland city, Taupo and ‘a few spots around the countryside’. Last week Kordia also scrapped long-term plans to construct a trans-Tasman cable, in the wake of Pacific Fibre’s announcement that it is partnering with Pacnet to build a new international cable connecting New Zealand, Australia and the US.

New Zealand, Kordia