Optus boost HFC speeds with improved DOCSIS 3.0 technology

2 Aug 2010

Australian fixed line and broadband provider SingTel Optus has reportedly finished upgrading its HFC network in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney with the improved DOCSIS 3.0 standard technology. According to Delimiter, following the telco’s upgrades the network, which previously offered maximum downlink speeds of 20Mbps, is now capable of speeds around four times that, with testing of around 6,000 customer connections showing an average download speed of 75Mbps. While the infrastructure improvement still leaves Optus trailing in the speed stakes in Melbourne compared to Telstra, which offers cable broadband at up to 100Mbps in the city, in Brisbane and Sydney Optus speeds will now trump the 30Mbps HFC connections offered by the incumbent. In order to take advantage of the upgrades customers will be required to both upgrade their existing cable modem, as well as pay for Optus’ ‘Premium Speed Pack’, which will cost AUD15 (USD13.55) per month.

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